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Academic Projects

Through out my years in school, I have worked on many group projects for my business courses. From creating new products to designing integrated marketing campaigns, each project has been an amazing opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained to real world scenarios. 

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MKT 309 - Marketing Plan

In a group, I created a new product for an existing company. As part of the project, we conducted secondary research, created a marketing strategy for the new product, and an implementation plan. We compiled our work into a marketing plan and gave a presentation of our plan as if we were pitching the product to the company in real life.


MKT 367 - Market Research Report

We selected a company facing negative publicity and offered them recommendations to address their problem backed by research. We conducted both secondary and primary research, incorporating in-depth interviews and surveys. We analyzed the data we collected to find common themes and performed statistical analyses.

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MKT 365 - IMC Plan

As part of a team, I designed an integrated marketing campaign for a local business that was opening a new location in Hawaii. We conducted secondary research on the new market, defined the target audience for the campaign, designed a media plan, creative strategy, and creative executions. We compiled our work into a plan book and gave a presentation to the client.


MKT 386 - Case Analysis

As part of a group, I interviewed a manager of a local firm who is involved in managing B2B relationships. Through background research and the interview, we identified a specific problem area for the firm and made a case analysis providing solutions to address the problem.

Taking Notes
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